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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you Believe

I was looking through some of my books to see what I could blog about and came across this article, I will change the names but apparently there were many witnesses to the event or events. I am always intrigue but events that seem unbelievable. Could it be true? I feel it could be true, or there has to be an explanation somewhere or somehow.

The first appearance took place in September 1893 when a group of students said they saw a lady and a child on the school grounds, these appearances continued for long months to follow. The classroom had 22 desks in it. The children were all questioned and questioned again five weeks later and their stories never changed. All the children answered with great sincerity. Mary Cormier age twelve stated that she was the first to see the lady that September day, she had left early to go to school with her two cousins, Cecile and Leonie, she said they were all sitting on the door step of the school when she heard this exclamation “ well! Well! In a clear voice seemingly from inside the school. Then she heard three knocks like the teacher knocking on her desk. She told her friends she had heard knocking and at the same time there were three knocks again. Her cousins told her they had heard the knocks that time. Mary went went her cousins to the first window on the right of the entrance door, she saw a profile of a lady figure turned towards the east. She was dressed in white, her hands folded, her eyes seemed to be raised towards the sky, she wore a white veil and a blue sash. Her height seemed a bit taller than the ordinary women. She looked to be very sad. Mary thought it was just a mirage, after taking a stick in her hand ,she walked closer to the window to make sure there was nothing reflecting in the window, the same person was still visible. The idea came to Mary to hit on the window with her stick to surprise what she was seeing inside, or to get her attention, but the apparation stayed the same way with the same expression. At the same time Cecile was seeing the same thing while Leonie didn’t see anything. Mary said out of fright they ran under a tree in the schoolyard to wait for the other children. When the children arrived Mary told them what she saw and heard. Some of the children went to the window and many saw the same lady. Once the teacher arrived and the children entered the class room the apparation was gone. At recess around 10.30 Mary again went back to the window and that same lady was still there exactly as she had been two hours earlier. He teacher never saw her.Mary said that for many days after she looked in the window and the lady appeared again. After that first set of appearances Mary continued to say one day she saw the profile of a man with a a grey beard and near him a woman holding a child in her arms. This group appeared near the blackboard. The man was standing dressed in white, I only saw them one day ,continued Mary. A while later I saw a little child in the corner of the classroom not far from the blackboard, he seemed to have a white tunic and wasn’t touching the ground and I could not see his feet. On the bottom of his dress was a trimming of white lace. His eyes were something happy sometimes sad, he seemed above us all, his hands turned inward as if asking for something, his hair was yellow and long reaching his waist. Another one of Mary’s friends Susan saw the child too. Since Mary began seeing the child she never would see the lady. Four about four months the child appeared with a heart the color of gold on his chest. Another time she saw him he had a golden crown. Another time Mary saw this white bird on the top of the child’s head carrying a white flower in its beak.

Mary born in 1884 became a nun, she died in 1970, she was so moved by these things she saw or witnessed that she devoted her life to Mary mother of Jesus.

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  1. Excellent piece of history! Keep up the great work and all the best ~ Yonni :)